All the name changes in the world won’t disguise what Bay du Nord has always been about

The federal government seemed to go out of its way Wednesday to not make a big deal out of the announcement the Bay du Nord offshore oil megaproject had cleared what may be its biggest hurdle: environmental assessment approval.

True Crime TV Shows Connected To Podcasts The Tinder Swindler

As soon as “The Tinder Swindler” came out on Netflix, some women on dating apps were thinking twice before “swiping right.” The documentary film revealed the story of Simon Leviev, who allegedly swindled women he met on Tinder “for hundreds of thousands of euros,” per Esquire. Leviev, of course, isn’t his real name, and he isn’t the son of a diamond tycoon, either. Shimon Hayut is an ex-con who served time for scamming three women in Israel, and according to The Times of Israel, he reportedly defrauded women out of $10 million.