How COVID-19 has changed Canada’s economy for the worse — but…

 Breaking news: An Amazon driver had odd instructions when she dropped off a package off. The moment went viral., When Lynn Staffieri, a resident of Magnolia, Delaware, saw her Amazon delivery driver running away from her house, she wondered what she just witnessed.

Escaped prisoner back in police custody in Nova Scotia

A 51-year-old woman who was at the scene where a nursing mother claimed she was assaulted alongside her 3-months-old baby a SARS officer known as ”Idowu SARS”, has countered the new mum’s story.  Recall that the claim generated lots of controversy after Anthony Ojukwu, the Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission NHRC demanded justice for the nursing mother and her child. Speaking to LIB, the woman identified simply as Funmi maintained that the policeman never pointed his gun at the nursing mother and her child. She said that the incident occurred at the Oke-Ado junction in Oyo state, following a traffic gridlock caused by the nursing mother and her husband who was driving on the wrong section of the road.   She disclosed that the policeman stepped down from the car he was in to ease traffic in the area, but the much younger woman stopped her husband from moving his car as directed.  According to the older woman, she fought with the nursing mother after she tried filling her car’s number plate while saying a different thing from what was happening at the scene. She also showed off the injury she sustained after allegedly being bitten by the new mum.   Funmi who disclosed that she is against police brutality said she decided to come forward with the “right account” of what happened at the scene of the incident to save the innocent policeman who never committed an offense.  She also pleaded with Governor Seyi Makinde and other relevant authorities to send in a team to speak with some residents of Oke-Ado to get an accurate eyewitness account of what happened.  “Idowu SARS” allegedly assaulting her and her baby. . . According to the lady, she was the one who fought with the lady and not the police officer. . . She insisted that the police officer never pointed a gun at the woman and her baby. . . The lady also disclosed that the incident occurred after the nursing mother who alongside her husband caused traffic gridlock on the road by driving on the section, tried recording her number plate while saying a different thing from what was happening at the scene of the incident