Oil and gas industry overview, the business boom

Oil and gas industry Oil is one of the most important commodities in the world. When transformed into petroleum, it is a key energy source used in vehicles, planes, heating, asphalt, and electricity. Outside of being a crucial energy source, petroleum is used in plastics, paints, chemicals, tape, and so much more. It’s hard to imagine a world without oil.

5 Reasons your Seattle Business Needs Managed IT Services

If you run a business in Seattle, you won’t need reminding just how competitive the business arena is today and that means you need to streamline your business processes in order to compete with your many rivals. Managed IT services are essential for all businesses and here are a few good reasons why your company needs an IT support company to manage a list of IT services.

Quebec recycling company with track record of litigation has powerful hold on industry

If Montreal thinks it will be easy to extricate itself from its dealings with the recycling company flagged for allegedly withholding money from the city and shipping contaminated paper bales abroad, it need only look at Ricova’s dealings with other Quebec municipalities.

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid with a Business Start-Up

There are more people than ever that own their own business and thanks to digital tech, it is relatively easy to set up a small enterprise, yet success is never a given. The highly competitive business arena is unforgiving and it is only with total dedication and hard work that you can climb the mountain of success. If you have a great business idea and would like to turn it into reality, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Dr. Richard Okoye on 500 million naira deal with CBN

DR. OKOYE: Actually, you know, CBN is not like a commercial bank. It’s more of an Apex bank. Obtaining loan from CBN does not necessarily mean that somebody should walk into the CBN and say ‘Please, I need some loans from…’, you know. They usually go through the banks because their banks usually serve as a guarantor to whichever loan you are receiving from CBN. But if we look at how to build, I still believe that talking about getting loan must not be in your mind, starting from CBN.