Top 6 Thrilling & Nail-Biting finishes in the History of Fantasy cricket

100+ million users play fantasy sports, and arguably, cricket is the crown jewel. While fantasy cricket is exciting and entertaining, it can be a little harsh sometimes. There are moments when an underdog comes out with flying colors, creative massive distress or when a player with the minor fantasy credits gets a 5-wicket haul or scores a century. 

The Truth About Kenan Thompson’s Wife

Not shying away from the public eye, comedian Kenan Thompson’s wife, model, and actor Christina Evangeline, share lots of photos of their family on Instagram. One photo showed their daughter, Georgia, joining Thompson from the judges’ chairs on “America’s Got Talent” in August 2020. Evangeline captioned it, “This summer Georgia has been OBSESSED with America’s Got Talent. ⁣Omg, this child could tell you about the life story of any person who’s ever been on the show.” She added that Georgia asked her if she saw her “steal the show.” In a post from May 2020, she shared a video of both her daughters swinging on a bench and telling their father how much they love him.

Best Short-Term Business Loans for You

Whether you need a short-term business loan to expand your business or buy a piece of equipment, choosing the right lender is critical.  For example, a short-term business loan can help you as a business owner purchase more inventories, make some improvements, and pay payroll without the commitment of a longer-term loan. It can be found online or at a bank and comes in different forms with varying rates and qualifications.