10 Ways Instagram Is Changing How Businesses Market Themselves

Businesses require a surprising amount of creativity to stand out from the rest. However, many businesses are struggling with ways to increase their following and interact with potential customers. For small businesses and large businesses alike, this is essential for success.

Ways To Create An Excellent TikTok Marketing Strategy

TikTok is a fast-growing social media platform that was previously known as musical.ly. Especially in recent years, this program appears to have exploded in popularity. TikTok has over 900+ million active users who share videos worldwide. The software also helps marketers reach out to people all over the world. The bulk of marketers recognized TikTok’s digital marketing possibilities because the program includes several new developments. With the worldwide growth of the digital internet application, each marketer must engage in the app and begin utilizing it for effective marketing plans. Before you can enjoy the advantages of this software, you must first understand what it is and establish a practical marketing approach for it.

Can You Buy Multiple Properties With a 1031 Exchange?: FAQs on 1031 Exchange

Can you buy multiple properties with a 1031 exchange? Most people aren’t aware that the 1031 exchange can aid them in purchasing various properties. You can even buy up to three properties with a 1031 exchange. However, if you still want to acquire more properties, you’d have to abide by the 200% and the 95% rules.