Giants, Dolphins among teams with most at stake

Though intended to promote parity, the NFL draft is hardly an egalitarian enterprise.Given its format of allotting first choice of top talent to teams with the worst records from the previous year, the draft can seem like an evenhanded affair. But trades completed over the course of multiple years always shift the balance of power, sometimes widening the disparity between the teams with the most draft capital and those with the least. With this year’s event just weeks away, six first-round picks have already changed hands.

Panera rolls out Panera Grocery

Next time you order dinner, try a side of toilet paper or a gallon of milk.Restaurants across the country, desperately trying to survive the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic as the majority of Americans shelter in place, are delivering groceries and other essentials alongside prepared food. 

Justin Herbert ahead of Tua Tagovailoa in first?

There might be an even bigger mystery surrounding the 2020 NFL draft than the picks themselves.As the league forges ahead with the annual event amid the coronavirus pandemic, plenty of uncertainty remains on how general managers and coaches will convene to make their actual selections and orchestrate trades with one another. But the pressure now shifts to the teams to hammer out their plans with less than three weeks until the draft begins.