Flooding Interventions and Management in Nigeria

Floods are the most prevalent natural disaster and cause the most deaths worldwide (Doocy et al., 2016; Jonkman, 2015). Floods occur when a large amount of water flows over previously dry ground (Djimesah, Okine & Mireku, 2018). Floods are said to be responsible for about half of all deaths caused by natural disasters (EM-DAT, 2017). Floods are also the most common natural disaster, affecting over 2.8 billion people worldwide and killing over 200 000 individuals in the last three decades (Hashizume, 2016). Floods were responsible for 47 percent of all weather-related disasters worldwide between 1995 and 2015, affecting 2.3 billion people (UNISDR 2015). Floods are naturally induced by rising temperatures, which result in heavy rains, glacier melt, and ocean thermal expansion, leading in a rise in sea levels and inundation of coastal territories (Halgamuge &

Every detailed information you must know about Ethereum

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