Here’s How Mike Pence Could Become Donald Trump’s Nemesis In 2024

According to a Newsweek report, rumors are swirling that former vice president Mike Pence could run for POTUS in 2024. That’s because his political advocacy group, Advancing American Freedom (AAF), is looking to raise a whopping $18 million. Additionally, as Axios points out, the AAF has “spent about $60,000 on digital ads promoting [Pence] and asking for contributions.” The outlet also notes that Pence has been attending political events in swing states.

Why Prince Edward’s Tell-All Memoir Sparked So Much Controversy

Through “A King’s Story,” Prince Edward promised to share his version of the events that led to the massive constitutional crisis, as History Extra described. “My reign ended in faction and controversy. My side of the story has until now been unheard of. But, as the years went by, and error and supposition multiplied, it became plainer and plainer that it was my duty to history to put down the facts as I know them,” Edward wrote, according to Insider.