New electric Fiat 500 goes green bonkers with claims of eco-revolution and a pebble key fob

The new Fiat 500e was slated for its launch at the canceled Geneva International Motor Show. Instead, Fiat chief Olivier François stars in an 18-minute virtual press conference for the new 500, which is exclusively electric. What unfolds in those few minutes is a jaw-dropping display of greenwashery, complete with claims of an eco-revolution, a natural pebble key fob, melodic EV pedestrian acoustics, Leo DiCaprio name-drops, and a paint job that supposedly cleans the air.

Millions of jobs are at risk as fashion and luxury sales fall off a cliff

People have stopped shopping at stores, and many online shoppers are holding back on discretionary purchases. That has left luxury and fashion companies “exposed or rudderless,” and business will sink by as much as 30% this year, according to a new report released Wednesday from trade publication Business of Fashion and consulting firm McKinsey & Company.