How Prince William And Prince Harry Worked Together On Princess Diana’s Statue

When visitors stop by Kensington Palace, they’ll find something extraordinary if they spend time with the statue of the late Princess Diana in the Sunken Garden. The spot that meant so much to the royal is now filled with more than 4,000 flowers. According to the Daily Mail, the surely stunning layout features “50 varieties, including 100 of Diana’s favorite Forget-me-nots, 300 tulips, and more than 500 lavenders”. Beyond that, there are also “more than 200 roses, 100 dahlias, and 50 sweet peas.”

Graphic designer, know how much they make in a year

Whether you’re looking to hire a Graphic designer or looking to be a Graphic designer, you’ll need a basic understanding of how many graphic designers earn. Making art for a living is certainly an attractive lifestyle, but it’s important to consider practical expectations for your future finances. This isn’t as straightforward as you might expect.