APC Chairman resigns in Ondo state and joins PDP

Virtual try-ons are replacing fitting rooms during the pandemic, The coronavirus pandemic is reshaping the way Americans shop. Stores are reopening but being reoriented to avoid interaction: Fitting rooms are taped off, sample counters are closed and product testers have been put away.

With the pandemic pinching the unregulated market, legal cannabis sales spike…

 Many of us embark on a weight loss journey in order to look good and keep with today’s standards of beauty. However, not all of us understand the true meaning of weight loss, as it’s not just about shedding off the unwanted, unnecessary fat, but more about transitioning towards a healthier wellbeing. But what keeps other individuals motivated in their hitting their weight loss goals?

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Quebec makes mask mandatory on public transit, but experts say province…

B.C. Liberal MLAs are using taxpayers’ money to pay for ads in a Christian magazine that includes articles opposed to transgender rights and medically assisted dying. 

Canadian Museum for Human Rights employees say they were told to…

unsaid truth about Danny Masterson’s wife, Bijou Phillips, Bijou Phillips launched her modeling career at age 13 and quickly became enveloped by the party scene that often comes with that sort of lifestyle. Much like her father John Phillips, Bijou became addicted to drugs, and per his request, she checked into rehab and sobered up by age 21. “If you were 14 years old and able to live on your own in an apartment in New York City, and you got invited to all these clubs, and you got a bank account and you had a car service you could call so that you could go wherever you wanted,” she told The Guardian in 2002, “what would happen?”

Coronavirus: What’s happening across Canada on Saturday

Kylie Jenner enjoys the kind of lifestyle that requires a fortune to fund — have you seen her massive, resort-like house?! Fortunately for the star, in January 2020, she “sold 51% of her Kylie Cosmetics … in a deal valued at $1.2 billion,” which Forbes notes was “a watershed moment for the family” and “[o]ne of the greatest celebrity cash-outs of all time.” It also “seemed to confirm what Kylie had been saying all along and what Forbes had declared in March 2019: that Kylie Jenner was, indeed, a billionaire.” However, that might not be true.

10 Ways to Deal with Stress in Your Relationship

View Table of ContentsMan was not created to be alone. It is natural for us to long for a partner to form a meaningful relationship with. However, since these are two people with different genetic markers, family background, culture and a lot more, conflicts are sure to crop up time and time again! Definitely, this is not part of our #relationshipgoals!