Oil and gas industry overview, the business boom

Oil and gas industry Oil is one of the most important commodities in the world. When transformed into petroleum, it is a key energy source used in vehicles, planes, heating, asphalt, and electricity. Outside of being a crucial energy source, petroleum is used in plastics, paints, chemicals, tape, and so much more. It’s hard to imagine a world without oil.

Dr. Richard Okoye on 500 million naira deal with CBN

DR. OKOYE: Actually, you know, CBN is not like a commercial bank. It’s more of an Apex bank. Obtaining loan from CBN does not necessarily mean that somebody should walk into the CBN and say ‘Please, I need some loans from…’, you know. They usually go through the banks because their banks usually serve as a guarantor to whichever loan you are receiving from CBN. But if we look at how to build, I still believe that talking about getting loan must not be in your mind, starting from CBN.