What Investors Need To Know About Metatrader 5

MetaQuotes Software Corp., the company behind the MetaTrader name, creates software for the financial markets. As far as I know, this is the first time software using this name has been made available to the public. More than 250 businesses throughout the globe now utilize software items sold under this name.

Unsatisfied with virtual campus life, some students find new momentum during gap year

Anthony Russell has spent much of February teaching Calgary elementary and junior high students about street art: introducing Black artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and helping them create stenciled pieces in oil pastel, acrylic and watercolour paint.

10 Best Excel Tips for you

Microsoft Excel is an integral business tool. Some people relish the capabilities of Excel, finding it to be a helpful tool that allows them to manage reports on and illustrate tables of data efficiently. Others, however, find it tedious and cannot discern what Excel can do for them aside from keeping things in neat columns and rows. Nevertheless, whether you’re analyzing vast amounts of data or trouncing timesheet templates, Microsoft Excel management can provide the technological advantage you need to get the job done.