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WE Charity contract could have been worth up to $43.53 million,…

The House of Commons ethics committee is meeting in Ottawa to decide if it should launch its own probe of the WE Charity scandal that has prompted the ethics commissioner to investigate Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

The Nigerian govt provides update on schools reopening

Black Rape Survivors, There are a series of scenes in the documentary “On The Record” that are nearly impossible to shake. In one, Drew Dixon, a former Def Jam A&R executive who says that Russell Simmons violently raped her in his apartment in 1995, contemplates whether to go on the record with her accusations for a 2017 New York Times article. Even though she walked away from the music industry because of the trauma she faced from Simmons, the idea of speaking out against the “king of hip-hop” weighed heavily on her soul.

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Why the WHO won’t say the coronavirus is airborne and driving…

The World Health Organization has refused to cave to pressure from more than 200 experts calling for it to update its messaging on the threat of the spread of the coronavirus through the air, citing a lack of “definitive” evidence.