20 years after they deployed to Afghanistan, Canadian soldiers ask: Was it worth it?

Twenty years ago, they believed they were making history.“9-11 happened, and like four months later we’re there in Afghanistan, and it really mattered and people really cared,” said Alex Watson, a captain on Canada’s first deployment, now retired and working as a lawyer in Calgary. “But in terms of wins over the long term … a place like Afghanistan will break your heart.”

How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers (the Real Way)

Setting up a YouTube account is easy, but getting the skills for video editing or exposure can be a little trickier without information about how it all works. You could use some free subscribers on your Youtube channel so that it has a better chance of reaching the front of people’s eyes. However, these seven social media marketing strategies will help boost your channel any day of the week.

Different country, same scissors: Ukrainian barber ‘crushing it’ in St. John’s

The hairdryer and hair clippers that Serhii Firsikov brought from Ukraine don’t plug in to the sockets at his new chair at Fogtown Barber Shop in downtown St. John’s. But his scissors and combs — and his personal style — fit right in.